Book review: Yii Application Development Cookbook 2nd edition, by Packt Publishing

Yii Application Development Cookbook, 2nd edition

Packt Publishing was kind enough to send me the e-book version of its new book, Yii Application Development Cookbook, Second edition. The book is written by Alexander Makarov, a core Yii developer.

The book continues from the first edition, published back in 2011 and brings updates to its content, updated for the current version of Yii. The book is a cookbook, which means that is a book that contains a bunch of tips and solutions to common problems when developing a web application that take full advantage of the Yii framework.

You can read my review for the first edition here. Below, I will describe what's new in the second edition.

Chapter 3 includes a new tip: Rendering content at the client side: This example creates a fully AJAX enabled page to render a todo list. It uses the doT JavaScript template engine and uses a REST like API to create, update, delete and read the todo items. It's a nice example that also introduces the REST world to the reader.

Chapter 11 includes a new tip: Leveraging HTTP caching: This tip touches upon the issue of HTTP caching, one of the most important issues in web applications today, that immediately affects web site performance. The tip shows how to utilize the CHttpCacheFilter class to cache a web page.

Chapter 12 includes the Using Composer with Yii tip: This example describes how to use the Composer PHP dependency manager along with Yii.

These are the differences from the first edition. To be honest, I would expect more new material from Alexander in the second edition, but other than this, if you are planning to learn Yii and use it productively, the book still remains one of the best around, especially because it's written by a core Yii developer and you it's worth every penny.

Packt Publishing also sent me instructions on how to get a 30% discount on the book. The offer will be valid from June 13th up to July 15th. In order to get the discount, follow these steps:

  • Visit Publisher website that is
  • Add the book to cart from the book-page.
  • Next, open the cart/check-out page to find the book listed in the purchase items.
  • Enter the code(MREYDA) in the promotional code box, and update the cart page.
  • Post updating, the cart-page would reflect the discounted price.
  • Pay the amount and Checkout

It's a great offer and it's a pity to lose it if you're considering buying the book. So, hurry up!

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