Yii 2.0.0 GA has been released

I'm glad to inform the PHP developers out there that the popular Yii PHP framework released the GA (generally available) version for the 2.0 branch. Yes, Yii 2.0.0 is finally here and is ready for production use.

This new version is written from the scratch, using all the features introduced in PHP 5.4, so it requires at least PHP 5.4 -I guess that's not a problem for people managing their own servers- to run, so go ahead, download it and play with it. The online documentation is as always very extensive (start with the Definitive Guide for version 2.0 and then go through the API reference). Beware that the code for the 1.1 branch will not run without changes in version 2.0, you will have to read the upgrade section. That's ok by me (breaking the backwards compatibility) if the new version brings many new features.

Kudos to the Yii core (and non-core) developers that helped in creating the new version. Great work guys!

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