Steve Jobs has passed away

Steve Jobs

Surely you didn't expect my blog to find out that Steve Jobs has past away. I just want to write a couple of words about a man that surely influenced the world of computers and information technology.

I am not a a big fan (or a fan at all) of Apple products. I don't know why, maybe I hated the passion about Apple products that all Apple fanboys had. I never liked the "have you seen how this is done in my Mac?" when they compared their Mac computer or Mac OS with Windows and PC. I always hated the line of i- products (iPhone, iPad, iTune, all this i- shit). Maybe I was jealous, who knows?

But one thing is for sure: You can think of Steve Jobs of a man who literally wrote history. He was one of the first to build a personal computer, a device that provided (maybe limited, but at the time, who else provided any of that) possibilities of large computers in a package built for home users. His vision was surely way ahead from others' and that's why he succeeded in doing what he loved to do.

A great man died. R.I.P. Steve, you are now relieved from your illness.

You can always watch the movie "The Pirates of Sillicon Valley", that describes the course of Apple/Steve Jobs and Microsoft/Bill Gates. I don't know its rate of credibility, but it's always nice to watch.

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