Linux filesystems benchmarks - Part III

It's been a while since my last benchmarks for some of the most widely used and known Linux filesystems and I think it's time to refresh them. This time, I've added ext4, which was marked stable since Linux 2.6.28 (the previous benchmarks were based on 2.6.26). Take a look at the attached file, in the first two pages, you will find information regarding my system setup, which was the basis for the new benchmarks.

Of course, any comments are always welcome. I wish you a good reading.

Update: Thanks to user Xerion at, I've attached a new PDF file, that was exported without the PDF/A-1a option checked in, which had a verified bug (and fixed in version 3.2) with this option checked. This bug affected some PDF readers (like Adobe Acrobat), but not others (Evince, Okular, etc.). Thanks for the notification Xerion!

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