KDE 4.2.0 released!

Today is the release day of KDE 4.2.0 (codename The Answer), one of the most popular desktop environments for Linux (and not only). You can find the full announcement here, where you can read about the changes and features that v.4.2.0 brings to our desktops.

I've been using KDE 4.1.4 for a couple of weeks now (actually a little after v.4.1.4 was released with a bunch of fixes mainly for the PIM applications - KMail, Korganizer, etc.) and I now admit that I like it. After seeing the KDE 4.1.x desktop for the first time as soon as I had emerged the necessary packages for my Gentoo, it seemed ackward, with some functionality missing when compared to the previous v.3.5.10 of the "old times". I had not seen v.4.0.x at all, since this version lacked the KDE 4 ports of the PIM applications, which was a very strong reason for me not to use v.4.0.x. v.4.1.x was a much better version, with bug fixes and more applications ported to the new framework. Still, some people saw that it lacked the full functionality range of v.3.5.x. So, it takes some time to get used to it.

So, today is the day of 4.2.0. The source packages have already been downloaded locally, so when all the 4.2.0 ebuilds make it to the portage tree, I will issue the famous

emerge -v world


Soon, the 4.2.0 impressions to follow...

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I love the fact that the KDE developers are trying to produce something really different and unique.
And that's the hole point, they are trying to do something different and unique.